miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2021

Arab Wall of Murcia

 As I commented on a previous post, This section of wall was inside the Convent of Verónicas (18th century). The Convent was partially demolished in 1985 as it threatened ruin, leaving one of the highest, longest and best preserved sections of the Wall in the air. Due the wall was "protected" in the monastery, it has survived to this day in such good condition. In this section you can see the Wall and the rampart. In the wall two towers are conserved, one of them practically complete that is embedded in the Church of Verónicas. This indicates the reuse that was made of the wall to build the convent.

Between the rampart and the wall there was a corridor called ravelin. Down this corridor the sentries made their rounds.

Located near Almudi Palace and Market of Verónicas at City of Murcia.