lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

Bonfires of Saint John 2009. Hogueras de San Juan 2009. Alicante.

Today I did not get photos of Murcia.
Today I show you pictures of the neighboring city of Alicante.
Yesterday I was in Alicante on the occasion of the celebration of the Hogueras de San Juan 2009 (the festival is from 12 of June to 24 of June) (there also called Fogueres de Sant Joan)
It is a festival that I recommend you to visit for the atmosphere and the city itself.
Throughout the city there are Hogueras, which are cardboard and wood sculptures that symbolize things too good not to have occurred during the past year.
There is also a critique of Spanish society.
Then comes the day when June 24, from 12 at night, are burned, thereby eliminating all the bad last year.
In the last picture you can see the Spanish royal family.
The photos are taken in square of the Montañeta, Hoguera Hernán Cortés.
(Sorry for my english)

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Blogaire dijo...

This is very interesting. When I was young we always celebrated Oíche fhéil Eoin - the "night of Saint John" by lighting huge bonfires. The children and young people gathered firewood for weeks in advance and on that night the bonfire was lit and all the people from the area gathered there to celebrate and there was music, singing and dancing.
Sadly this tradition has now largely died out in Irlanda!

Unknown dijo...

Those sculptures look very interesting indeed, nice images to share them with us...Thomas

Hilda dijo...

Very interesting custom. I like the idea of burning away all the bad things. But it seems like such a waste just to burn these fantastic paper and wood sculptures.