jueves, 4 de junio de 2009

Fisrt Year Of MurciaDailyPhoto. Christ Of Monteagudo.

Today, a year ago MurciaDailyPhoto which published its first picture.
It have been 265 post. More than 3200 visits. (Here you can revisited the second and the third one).
And thanks to all those comments and let those who do not let comments.
From here to thank the first comment left on this blog. Kim was from Seattle Daily Photo. I thank also the first official follower of this blog, MKHANSEN from Lexington Daily Photo. We also thank the fans who usually make comments like Hilda from My Manila, Kris from This Will Hurt Me, Abe Lincoln from Brookville, Ohio, Babooshka from Ramsey Daily Photo (Isle of Man), and many other people I would not forget (Apologize if I forget a name).
Today I would have liked to do a montage of photos, but I have not had time. I wish I have time this month to do it.
If this is your first visit to this blog, thank you, and I hope you'll come back again.
If you have already visited this blog, thanks for coming back to MurciaDailyPhoto. And I hope you keep coming back.
I will post photos, and improving on what I can.

As for the picture today, it is Christ who has been in the parish of Monteagudo. This statue is on the remains of an ancient fortification. The statue was placed here during the dictatorship of General Franco.

3 comentarios:

Unknown dijo...

I love the composition and the statue stands out against those blue skies beautifully.

Hilda dijo...

Congratulations on your first year blog anniversary! And thank you for posting photos of your beautiful city for us to learn about. I hope to see many more photos for many more years!

And I think you chose a wonderful image and icon to celebrate the day with!

MurciaDailyPhoto dijo...

Thank you so much, Hilda. I try to post photos every days of the year.