miércoles, 1 de julio de 2009

Theme Day: Empty

I almost forgot the Theme Day. First of July. First of the month. And as each month comes first Theme Day, and a meet-month of my son (20 months now, a man). This month's Theme Day is Empty.
I have chosen this picture with these EMPTY tables and chairs that I took on Sunday morning. It was still early. Just an hour later were filled.
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You'll right. You can go there early. First time beacouse it's very hot later. If you want to read newspaper or have a breakfast you must get early. After there is a lot people.
A bear hug.

Leif Hagen dijo...

Hola! Great EMPTY theme day photo! I can imagine every table busy with people eating, drinking, talking and laughing. Do they serve good coffee and desserts there? Muchos gracias - Adios di EAGAN daily photo