miércoles, 15 de julio de 2009

Archaelogical Museum of Murcia

The Archaelogical Museum of Murcia is located in the Provincial Palace of Archives, Libraries and Museums. It is a building created by the architec Jose Luis León and it was opened in 1953. The important collections which are exhibited permanently are distribuited in 16 rooms and they coner the Prehistory and History of Murcia from the Palaeolithic to th Cristian and Visigoth Periods. The Museum has got other facilities, such as a room for travelling exhibitions, a library, an assembly hall, a cafeteria and a shop. (Source: Municipally of Murcia)
Few months ago about sea carapace turtle exhibits. They were found in the mountains of Murcia. The age of these carapace turtles in particular I do not know, but I must say that Murcia was under the waters of the Sea for millions of years, perhaps, Murcia was the last party to leave the sea across the Iberian Peninsula.
The Archaelogical Museum is located in Alfonso X "El Sabio" Av.