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This is the main facade of the Cagigal Sports Pavilion. Inside, among other sports, football indoor and handball competitions are held . But what most striking is that behind the metal structure there is also a rockadrome of 15 meters, for beginners and experts mountaineering.
This pavilion was built in 2012. Previously, there was another Cagigal Sports Pavilion but it had to be demolished because of problems in its structure.
José María Cagigal (1928-1983) who named this sport pavilion, was a Spanish philosopher of the sport.
Some thoughts from J:M: Cagigal: "Sport allows testing general models of human behavior. In contrast to individual interests and social obligations, sport represents, according to Cagigal message, an escape, a way of hope, a path of liberation and an effective means of social integration." "The practice sport as the real sport, because it has a wealth of human values and training that must be nurtured and developed." Calls therefore for the open and spontaneous as a means of personal liberation and enrichment sport. In this regard, strongly he supported the movement of sport for all in their various formulas and traditional popular sport.
Physical education is, for Cagigal, a fundamental part of the total education of the individual. It must be the most comprehensive education of man to be closer to human nature. (Source: Wikipedia)
This man change the way to teach physical education in Spanish schools.

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With a wall like that, it's not a surprise that a climbing wall would feature into the mix.