viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

Murcian Nazarene

We are in Easter Week since last friday, and I still had not published a photo.
One of the peculiarities of the Easter at Murcia, with respect to other Spanish cities, is the ability to give from the Murcian Nazarene.
"One of the main features that distinguishes the Easter in Murcia to the rest of those held in Spain, is handing out candy and gifts from the Nazarenes to the public who witnesses the penitential procession. A penitent in the ranks of courtship, can spread along the same, about ten or twelve kilos of candy. However, Nazarenes carrying imagery of scenes from the Bible, distribute fifty or sixty kilos during the procession.
     This tradition has been developing for centuries without any historian has been able to realize what was the first Easter in which candies were delivered. There are several theories about the beginning of habit, of which two of them are as follows:
El Penitente, or nazareno row, candy delivery from reminiscing a medieval tradition by which the Church forced to restore the damage caused by faults committed in the course of public penance. The "sinner" take advantage of the anonymity of the penitential robe to deliver the goods offended those who believed appropriate in repentance." (Source:
Image: Murcian Nazarene giving candies to children. From Procession of Salzillos, Good Friday.

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