sábado, 16 de enero de 2021

Dry Riverbed of El Cigarron. Rambla del Cigarrón.

 I would like to invite you to a hiking route through the dry riverbed of El Cigarrón during the following posts. It has been located at south of Murcia town.

"The 'Rambla del Cigarrón' is located between the 'Puerto de la Cadena' and the 'Sierra de Carrascoy'. The route runs along the north face of the 'Sierra del Puerto', the steepest slope of these mountains that separate the valley of Segura river from the plains of Cartagena field. The dry riverbed is considered Place of Geological Importance due to the presence of fossils and other formations of interest. In addition, we will be able to observe the vegetation associated with the boulevards and the most relevant examples of the vegetation typical of semi-arid landscapes." "The reliefs are formed by rock formations of marine origin. They are sands that show the marine nature of the area in which remains of turtles that inhabited the area seven million years ago have been found, when this area was an island bathed by the sea (two complete specimens and one incomplete of the shell of a Giant land turtle, from the site of Puerto de la Cadena from the Miocene period, are exhibited in the Paleontological Museum of the Garres). There are also remains of shells belonging to other marine beings that populated this region millions of years ago."(source: agendamenuda.es)

This route is one of those hidden beautiful places at Region of Murcia (see label). In that case I made that route during pandemic time, because there was no so much things to do ;) And I was lucky to do it.