jueves, 28 de enero de 2021

The Indian. Route Dry Riverbed of El Cigarron or Rouye of the Faces (7)

 Another sculpted face on the stone by an anonymous artist.

If you don't pay attetion you can miss some of those sculptures.

"It is also an area of anthropological importance, since the entire South Coast has been inhabited since prehistoric times and the cave houses that are lavished on that dry riverbed (the place is known as Cuevas del Cigarrón - Caves of El Cigarron) were occupied in the last century. Both the Rambla del Puerto and the Rambla del Cigarrón have numerous evidences of ancient settlers. These water courses made the Cordillera Sur an ideal place for cattle. In fact, the route runs close to the Cordel de los Valencianos, one of the most important livestock routes in the municipality of Murcia." (Source: agendamenuda.es)

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