lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009

Código (Code)

In the Alfonso X "El Sabio"avenue is one of the most famous place of fiesta in Murcia: Codigo. As the poster says: Who has not gone through Code in 28 years?
Some time ago that I'm not going, but here I have completed many nights at a bar with friends and that was my girlfriend, and now my wife.
In the poster you can see photos of these 28 years: the attempted coup in Spain: February 23, 1981; the mascot of the World Football España'82: Naranjito; the mascot of the Barcelona'92 Olympics: Cobi; the mascot for the Universal Exhibition of Sevilla'92: Curro; the champion cyclist of 5 tours of France: Miguel Indurain; the change of currency: the Euro; the attack on the twin towers: the 11-S; promotion 1st division the football team of the city: Real Murcia.
Many things have happened in the past 28 years, and that the Pub Código continues watching it.

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Kris dijo...

I like the idea here. I wish someone did something similar here in Hobart.