jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Murcia Three Cultures 2009. Murcia Tres Culturas 2009.

As the month of May (ten years) is held in Murcia the festival 'Murcia Tres Culturas'. It is a festival of tolerance.
Murcia hosts a large party of tolerance. Streets, corners and squares become venues open to the arts of the world to talk of peace and respect among peoples.
Artists and groups from five continents, countries like Israel, Mongolia, Tunisia, China, Vietnam, Japan, Iraq, Spain, France, Madagascar Morocco, Czech Republic, Cuba, Brazil, Jamaica, Portugal, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia , Macedonia, India, Turkey, and Korea Newzealand one-year flood with his art in the city this happy meeting of cultures.
Murcia Three Cultures Festival is more than music and dance. There is also a programmed film series, a college course, seminars, exhibitions and theatrical performances that supplement and enrich the programming of this event that seeks to bring people together. (Source: Official website of the festival)
Click here to view the programming of the festival (PDF).

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