miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Entryway Of Huerto De Las Bombas

When I made the photo I didn't see that it was out of focus. This is the Gate of the Garden of the Bombs in the gardens of El Malecon.

The entryway precedes a rural recreational palace whose name comes from the battle which took place nearby on September 4, 1706, leading of the Borbon triumph in the war of Succesion. The skirmish was known as the battle of the Huerto de las Bombas because of the bombs let off during the fighting. It was the first Marquis of Torre Pacheco who first adquired Huerto de las Bombas. The main entrance, which is exhibited, has two Solomonic pillars with the architrave displaying the noble coat of arms of the first Marquis of Torre Pacheco whose quarters bear the arms of Fontes and Aviles, Carrillo and Marin, supported by lions rampant and huge and peaceful savages. (Source Municipality of Murcia)
I'll try to make a better photo next time.

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