lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Museo De La Ciencia Y El Agua. Museum Of Science And Water.

This is a small museum that combines science and water, or rather, the water in science.
The best thing about this museum is that it is participatory, and all scientific experiments exposed can be manipulated to see that the theory is put into practice.
In the square above the entrance to the museum, there are several things interactive, and a sample of what is the distance between the planets and their reference to the sun (to scale).
This museum is located near the river safe, very near the beginning of the Malecon promenade and bridge Manterola.
It has the smallest planetarium in Europe.

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ISAAAAA =)! dijo...

Are you believe that, i never has been in that museum? Icredible, but truth jajajajaj xoxo bro !

isa again ! dijo...

vale he hecho mal la pregunta, eso de are you believe... me lo he sacado de la manga jajajaja porque pretendia decir can you believe...? Puedes creer que nunca he estado en ese museo? Increible, pero cierto =) (te lo traduzco xke no estoy segura de ke tenga sentido lo ke he escrito jajajaja)