domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Day For Hope By Intermon Oxfam

During this day, in the Santo Domingo Square of Murcia, is celebrating the Day for Hope, organized by Intermon Oxfam (here, Oxfam International), in order to exhibit their work in the third world, and to raise awareness of the need for aid needed in those countries. Also, they seek to get signatures, once and for all, to 0.7% of GDP to help the third world.
Upon reaching the place I found a crowd of people, and I have approached. To attract people, they were showing a series of youth groups, different types of dances.

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Snyggrumpa dijo...

Hi there! Yesterday, I stumbled upon the same celebration in Valencia.

I am currently writing about it in my blog ( and I was wondering if I could use this particular post as a point of reference (with credits of course) because I cant find enough information in English about Intermon Oxfam in Valencia.

Many thanks,
Atiqah Abd Ghani

Snyggrumpa dijo...

muchas gracias!