viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

Easter 2010. Holy Friday. Procession of "Salzillos"

Today, about 1,700 people have marched in the procession of "Salzillos". This procession is so named because all the sculptures in parade were made by Francisco Salzillo (except Our Lord Jesus Nazarene).
As you can see, all the Nazarenes have a prominent belly. It is no obesity problems, but because within their habit carry hundreds of candy, sweets, boiled eggs, etc., that are giving to the spectators. I encourage you to come one year to the Murcia processions, not only because you can see some beautiful sculptures, but also you can take you for lunch, or dinner at home. ;)
More about this procession and to see the photos that I made last year in Easter Week Label.

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Leif Hagen dijo...

A great photo of your Easter procession of "Salzillos." Look at my EAGAN daily photo blog tomorrow for photos of our annual Good Friday Crosswalk!
Happy Easter!

Unknown dijo...

Very interesting!