martes, 22 de junio de 2010

Bonfires 2010. Hogueras 2010. Fogueres 2010. (Alicante)

During these days, in the neighboring city of Alicante (about 75 km from Murcia), held the Bonfires of San Juan (Saint John), in honor of this Saint. What was once a pagan festival, became a Christian holiday, but has returned to what it was: pagan.
The photo: facade of the Town Hall of Alicante, baroque style building built in the eighteenth century. On the facade reads: Fogueres 2010 (Bonfires 2010)
More about this festival, here, in my post of Bonfires 2009

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Anónimo dijo...

Hello again, lovely photo, here in Ireland we also had bonfires to honor Saint John I dont think it happens any more.

Irish Molly