sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

Central Lechera Murciana

This is what remains of the Central Murcian Dairy (El Prado), or the center of processing, packaging and marketing of El Prado (the meadow)  in Murcia.
I remember being in school, we went to visit these facilities (perhaps I was about 9 years old). We were amazed that packaging technology. The best part was the end of the visit when they invited us to take several of their products: my favorite, chocolate milk.
Central Lechera El Prado was founded in 1955. It merged with Industrias Lácteas Cervera in 1988, changing its name to Grupo El Prado Cervera, in 1997. In 1999 move to belong to 3A SA 3A (Alliance Agro-Alimental). In 2004 were purchased by the French group Lactalis (Président).

On the horizontal blue line (which has 12 vertical blue stripes), had the silhouette of a cow and the name of El Prado.

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